Spray Tan

There’s just something luxurious about a tan, and – like any beauty treatment – it can make you feel good.

The benefits of tanning are year round. A healthy glow, when it’s miserable outside, can lift the spirits while you’re well ahead of the pack if, come the warmer months, you have a deep and healthy looking tan.

Perhaps you have an event coming up and you’d feel more comfortable with a tan? Or maybe you just prefer the appeal of year-round tan skin, giving you that ‘holiday glow’ without the UV damage…

Professional Application, Professional Results

Our experienced and professional staff will deliver the spray tan results you desire, every appointment.

  • Even Application

Unlike regular fake tan, which runs the risk of streaky patches and uneven application, a spray tan is perfectly and evenly applied by our expert staff, giving you peace of mind.

  • Time Saving

Let’s face it, applying fake tan requires a good chunk of time to be set aside for that purpose, requiring time for both careful application and then ‘waiting’ for it to appear. A professional spray tan, on the other hand, is a short and painless process, requiring only a quick appointment with one of our expert staff. You’ll won’t need to wait long for your results.

  • Flawless Look

Our professional, salon quality tanning services will give you the flawless tanned skin which you desire. Booking an appointment for a professional spray tan will ensure professional results and glowing, healthy-looking skin.

At High Glam Beauty, we are proud to use two high-quality, Australian brands for our spray tans: Oztan, featuring a blend of botanical and pure essential oils, as well as Tuscan Tan. Both give beautiful results which we know you will also love.

Get in touch to make an appointment for your spray tan today.