Manicures and Pedicures

Let’s face it, getting your nails done is one way to feel great. And not only do your nails look great, they – much like that ‘after the hairdressers’ feeling – can make you feel great too.

We use our hands every day so it’s important to keep our hands and nails well maintained – that’s where manicures come into play.

Maybe your nails are chipped, breaking or you are finding your hands just in need of some professional TLC.  Whether you need a full manicure or just a file and polish, we offer a range of manicure and pedicure options to suit all needs.


We offer a range of manicure options, including mini manicures options and file and polish services.

Mini Manicure

Nail maintenance for those on the go! An express manicure, this thirty minute pamper session includes nail care and polish.


There’s nothing like a good manicure to keep your hands and nails in top condition. At High Glam Beauty, our manicure includes a hand soak, full nail care, exfoliation, massage and polish.

File & Polish

Give your nails some easy maintenance with a professional file and polish. Great for a quick touch up or new look.


Take the load off and indulge in a pedicure – your feet will thank you for it! This is the way to really give some care and attention to tired, hardworking feet. This includes a warm footbath, full nail care, exfoliation, massage and polish.

Express Pedicure

As well as our classic pedicure option, we also offer an express pedicure which includes nail care, exfoliation, moisturising and polish.

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