Eyebrow Shaping (Anastasia Beverly Hills Method)

When it comes to eyebrow shaping, High Glam Beauty is the beauty salon you can trust when it comes to your brows. Lauded for our excellence in this area and known for our high quality level of services, our staff are highly trained and versed in the Anastasia Beverly Hills method of eyebrow shaping. With the look of Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrows favoured by celebrities, our eyebrow shaping services offer a new level in achieving bold, beautiful brows.


The benefits of waxing are well known. From smooth skin to the convenience of hair removal which goes on for weeks, to the advantages of waxing with long-term results, waxing is the preferred skin removal method for many – and with good reason. Unlike shaving, there’s no daily nicks and cuts in the shower to worry about… nor is there the hefty price tag associated with laser hair removal or electrolysis.


The DermaQuest skin journey starts by restoring and balancing all skin. The integrity of skin is fundamental to all medical skin care programs. A dehydrated, irritated skin can often react to strong ingredients. Therefore DermaQuest will commence an “essential skin health” program for all. Once micro cracks are fully restored, and your skin is in balance, then the pathway into more active ingredients can begin. At DermaQuest we address all skin conditions and achieve results through our advanced treatment peels. The rewards of healthy, transformed and nourished skin are not only attainable, they are sustainable. Our philosophy delivers stunning, long-term results.

We are the brand you’ll want to age with

Manicures and Pedicures

Let’s face it, getting your nails done is one way to feel great. And not only do your nails look great, they – much like that ‘after the hairdressers’ feeling – can make you feel great too.

We use our hands every day so it’s important to keep our hands and nails well maintained – that’s where manicures come into play.

Maybe your nails are chipped, breaking or you are finding your hands just in need of some professional TLC.  Whether you need a full manicure or just a file and polish, we offer a range of manicure and pedicure options to suit all needs.

Spray Tan

There’s just something luxurious about a tan, and – like any beauty treatment – it can make you feel good.

The benefits of tanning are year round. A healthy glow, when it’s miserable outside, can lift the spirits while you’re well ahead of the pack if, come the warmer months, you have a deep and healthy looking tan.

Perhaps you have an event coming up and you’d feel more comfortable with a tan? Or maybe you just prefer the appeal of year-round tan skin, giving you that ‘holiday glow’ without the UV damage.