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5 Secret Tricks to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup is a great tool for altering or emphasizing your features without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Makeup artists use an ensemble of tricks on a daily basis and the good news is that you can recreate these methods in your own home. Your eye makeup, in particular, can completely transform your face, so […]

How Eyelash Extensions Changed My Life

Considering investing in eyelash extensions? You could just be about to shake up your entire beauty regime. Forget endless time spent every morning slathering on layer after layer of mascara, only for it to clump, or worse – run down your face at the slightest drop of moisture. FYI, looking like a budget version of […]

2016 Brow Trends

The Latest Looks For Brows The era of bold, beautiful brows has arrived. That means no more thinly plucked eyebrows, say goodbye also to unnaturally drawn on arches or flat brows. We’ve come through all that and now we herald in brows that should look as they’re supposed to: beautiful, bold and natural.

Beautiful Brows Through The Ages

Whether they’ve been plucked, powdered or dyed, eyebrows have gone through many changes in terms of trends. Yet, despite these wide ranging looks there’s been some beautiful styles throughout history for brows that we still take influence from today. Eyebrow styles, like all beauty trends, have changed through the ages and it’s interesting to note […]

Brow Grooming 101

While full and natural eyebrows are definitely a sought after look, there is a fine line between natural looking and unruly. Develop an eyebrow grooming routine that suits your needs personally. Set up an eyebrow grooming routine Just like for your skin care, develop an eyebrow grooming routine and stick with it. This will depend […]