5 Secret Tricks to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup is a great tool for altering or emphasizing your features without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Makeup artists use an ensemble of tricks on a daily basis and the good news is that you can recreate these methods in your own home. Your eye makeup, in particular, can completely transform your face, so if you want to make your peepers look big and beautiful, here are five secret tips for making your eyes look larger.

Banish Puffiness

Puffy, tired eyes make your appearance look lacklustre rather than luminous. Naturally, the best way to eliminate swollen eyes is to ensure you’re getting at least eight hours sleep every night. We know that it’s not always possible, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, so give these a try instead; drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep hydrated, use an eye mask or patches (a product that can be placed over the undereye area is awesome for this!) to cool and refresh the area, and finally, apply a cooling eye gel – one with a metal rollerball applicator is perfect!

Concealing Dark Circles

Dark circles make your eyes look smaller, so applying concealer will help to brighten your whole eye area. First, apply a color correcting concealer. If you’re pale with purple shadows under your eyes, a pink concealer will cancel out darkness, whereas a yellow concealer works well on tanned skin with purple/blue shadows. Those with dark skin should opt for an orange toned concealer.

Once you’ve applied a color correcting concealer, it’s time to add your regular concealer which will help to brighten your eyes. A light, liquid concealing pen will enhance your eyes without creasing or appearing cakey. Alternatively, try mixing a liquid concealer with a small amount of MAC’s strobe cream – this simple trick is guaranteed to make you look wide awake!

Define Your Lashes

Long, voluminous lashes are envied by women around the world. To achieve beautiful, defined lashes, first prep with an eyelash curler. Next, follow with one or two coats of mascara (a brown/black shade looks more natural than black). Concentrate on applying your mascara to the outwards of your lashes, rather than the center as this will create width.

Avoid Eyeliner On Your Lower Waterline

Eyeliner on your lower waterline will only make your eyes look smaller. Instead, apply blended soft brown or colored liner to the outer corner of the lashline and use a nude or white liner on the lower waterline. White and nude shades brighten your eyes, giving the effect of a larger eye area. Highlighting the inner and outer corner of your eyes will also enhance your peepers.

Work Your Brows

Your eyebrows frame your whole face, as well as providing a frame for your eyes. To groom your brows, pluck any stray hairs below or above your eyebrow area. Next, brush your brows with a spoolie – Anastasia Duo Brushes are ideal for grooming and shaping your brow area. If you have thick brows, set them with a clear brow gel to retain their shape throughout the day or if you have sparse brows, apply a colored wax or powder with a small angled brush to add shape and definition.