Brow Grooming 101

While full and natural eyebrows are definitely a sought after look, there is a fine line between natural looking and unruly. Develop an eyebrow grooming routine that suits your needs personally.

Set up an eyebrow grooming routine

Just like for your skin care, develop an eyebrow grooming routine and stick with it. This will depend on what products and tools you are using. It’s important to apply things in the right order as needed, whether it’s a product like dipbrow pomade or the clear brow gel.

They can be growing and still look neat

Just because you may be growing out your brows doesn’t mean they can’t be tamed. Consider a clear (or tinted) brow gel to keep your brows free of unruly hair and under control. While this is a perfect product to keep your brows looking great while they’re growing, this is also handy to use all year round. Go the tinted option in the right colour for you for extra emphasis.

See the professionals

Eyebrow shaping is a speciality area and it’s best for a qualified eyebrow shaping professional to assist. The worst thing for eyebrows is over plucking, so don’t risk it – see the professionals for your eyebrow shaping. Depending on your growth, you may want to schedule appointments every 6 – 8 weeks.

Go easy on the plucking

It may feel counterintuitive when it comes to eyebrow grooming to not pluck away but it may be best to wait between appointments. If you really can’t wait, consider using an eyebrow stencil to carve out (and stick to) the shape of your eyebrows. If you have over plucked, however, don’t worry – you’ll be surprised at how Anastasia Beverly Hills products may you help you achieve the look of full, healthy looking brows. (Book one of our eyebrow shaping sessions to find out more.)

Hide new hair growth

In between appointments or as an alternative to plucking, consider using highlighter or concealer to draw attention away from or for little hair follicles that look a bit unruly.
Bold beautiful brows always look great
Use your Anastasia products to build layers on your brows to create natural looking, bold brows. This will create texture and interest, rather than just using one product which could give a one-dimensional look… sometimes more is more!

Invest in great products

Your eyebrows are worth looking after so think about investing in the tools and products that will give you the best results. From the Italian-made Precision Tweezers to the high quality Anastasia Beverly Hills scissors, choose products that will be a long lasting investment to your brows.

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