Beautiful Brows Through The Ages

Whether they’ve been plucked, powdered or dyed, eyebrows have gone through many changes in terms of trends. Yet, despite these wide ranging looks there’s been some beautiful styles throughout history for brows that we still take influence from today.

Eyebrow styles, like all beauty trends, have changed through the ages and it’s interesting to note the brow trends which have gone before us. Factors like cultural, social and even religious beliefs helped to drive these trends…

The Ancient World…

Smooth and Thick Brows

The ancient Egyptians may have been the first to powder line their brows (and eyes). It was all about a thick, smooth shape here.

A La Natural

While the Egyptians valued the look of make up and thickly lined brows, the ancient Grecians and Romans went a different way. The look of natural brows was prized, as was a kind of uni-brow which, if wasn’t there in the first place, was emulated with dark powder.

Middle Ages…

Barely There Brows

High foreheads were all the rage and if eyebrows could be plucked or simply shaved off to elongate this, they were.

Auburn Appeal

Just we take note of what the Kardashian clan are doing in relation to beauty trends, women of the 1500s took their influence from Queen Elizabeth. Brows would be dyed red in honour of her.

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries…

Natural Beauties

In an era where make up was frowned upon, brows were best kept a la natural and happily untamed. Big and bushy was the order of the day, though brows were still lightly plucked brows when they needed to be.

Unusual Implants

Where such natural looking brows were not found, women of the Georgian era may have achieved this look through false eyelashes made of mouse fur stuck on!

More Modern Times…

Long and Thin

The proliferation of silent movie era stars helped show a new look. In addition to Clara Bow’s avant-garde sense of style, her long, thin brows were also looked at. These thin lines were downward pointing and severe. This was a new look in brows for women in the 20s who took inspiration from a famous film star.

Eighties Power Brows

Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields were the poster girls for big, beautiful – and certainly bold – brows.

Nineties New Look

Pamela Anderson’s thinly tweezed brows, Drew Barrymore’s arched yet thin eyebrows and Kate Moss’s pencil thin lines captivated many to pick up their tweezers and pluck away…

As for today, we are seeing a resurgence of bold, beautiful brows… we believe we are now celebrating the best of our brows today and we love the Anastasia Beverly Hills products for helping achieve this!