2016 Brow Trends

The Latest Looks For Brows

The era of bold, beautiful brows has arrived.

That means no more thinly plucked eyebrows, say goodbye also to unnaturally drawn on arches or flat brows.

We’ve come through all that and now we herald in brows that should look as they’re supposed to: beautiful, bold and natural.

Credit to model, actress and celebrity Cara Delevingne. for showing off her gorgeous, thick brows while other celebrities like Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian have helped drive this home too.

The look of full, natural-looking brows are easy to achieve and are coming through in different ways. Here are some eyebrow beauty trends for this year.

Full and Natural

The gorgeous Cara Delevingne remains the poster girl for this. Her brows are full and thick. In late 2012 she dished her secret for beautiful brows to Net-A-Porter.com, admitting that she uses Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow gel for keeping her brows looking well groomed. (Her secret? Her brows always look full and thick, yet never unruly.)

The Feathered Look

Drawing attention to each individual hair, there is emphasis on a slightly uneven, natural look of brow. Products like the sought after Brow Wiz can help achieve the look of fine, hair-like strokes.

Defined Full and Natural

Similar to the full and natural trend, this is a slightly more defined look as opposed to the look of almost un-brushed, ungroomed brows. Consider Anastasia Beverly Hills products like the Brow Pen to help create this. This is perfect for those who love the appeal of thick, healthy looking brows but with a refined edge.

Dark Brows, Light Hair

Hair colour can come and go but darker brows (or brows a shade darker than your hair colour, at least) will often give a more natural look as our natural hair tones can often be darker than we think. Kudos again to Delevingne for sporting this trend which packs a punch with its contrast factor. It’s become a hugely popular look and one we are seeing a lot of in our salons.

Colour Matching Brows

We’re also seeing a rise in classic colour matching choices, with brows complementing in with hair colour… brunettes with dark eyebrows, blondes with caramel brows and redheads with auburn arches. This gives off an elegant look favoured by those who like their eyebrows bold and beautiful but also in congruency with their hair colour.

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